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Products for fleets, distributors, jobbers, blenders, refiners, marine, and more.

Products to Improve Fuel Economy and Reduce Emissions

ETG offers a broad range of products for consumers, fleets, industrial, marine, fuel distributors, wholesalers and jobbers. Our technologically advanced chemical products include additives and supplements for a wide range of hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, gasohol, turbine fuels, heating and industrial fuels, marine fuels, LPG, LNG, CNG and propane.

Our products prove themselves every day. Some of the largest fleets in the world use our additives, treatments and supplements in their fuels, oils and coolants. Our products help get children safely and reliably to school in all weather; help companies and municipalities that pick up your garbage and plow snow on the highways; and help goods move across the nation in trucks and trains and around the world in ships.

Water dispersing agents
• Surface acting agents to enhance combustion
• Cold flow improvers (antigels)
• Thermal & oxidative stability components
• Lubricity improvers
• Fuel injector cleaning packages
• GDI cleaning
• Carburetor cleaning
• Friction modifiers
• Anti-icing agents
• Fuel-borne catalysts and much more

• Motor and lubricating oils
• Power transmission fluids
• Automotive functional fluids
• Greases
• Specialized lubricants
• Unique cooling system additives and supplemental products and packages
• Premium cleaning and sanitizing products
• UV dyes for a wide range of uses and specialized needs

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