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Energy Technology Group, Inc. is a Buffalo, NY-based chemical design, formulation, manufacturing and packaging company. Our products are the result of an ownership and management team that has hands-on experience in the design, formulation, manufacture and use of diesel fuel additives, biodiesel additives, gasoline and gasohol additives, lubricating oil additives and cooling system supplements and treatments. These products serve the transportation, trucking, automotive, fleet, rail, industrial, power generation, airport FBO and marine markets.


Richards, Bill headshot

William Richards, President and Founder

An expert in fuels, oils, coolants, functional fluids and cleaners, William has developed over 370 chemical formulations as well as several mechanical devices related to their production and use. He has a very broad range of experience in fleets, oil production, mining, agricultural, construction, marine, locomotive, and industrial operations and equipment.

He believes that through research and education, fleets and other users of all types of fuels (diesel, biodiesel, biomass-based diesel, renewable diesel, gasoline, gasohol, propane, natural gas, and other conventional and alternative fuels) can improve their operations, extend equipment life, reduce emissions and improve their bottom line.

He has a unique ability to take difficult subjects and highly complex information and present it in an interesting and readily understandable way to audiences at any level.

He has an unusual depth of knowledge and experience with a wide range of engines, power-transmission, pumps, power generation and emergency equipment and their operations. His solid foundation for the development of unique, highly effective products and equipment stems from decades of developing practical hands-on mechanical ability, an extensive understanding of and ability to implement electronics and data theory into real-world operations, and strong chemistry and laboratory skills.

He is a strong advocate of managing complex situations and problems through thorough and careful analysis followed by creation and implementation of well-designed protocols, procedures and products.

He has developed and produced a broad range of chemical products for diesel, biodiesel, biomass-based diesel, renewable diesel, gasoline, gasohol, propane, natural gas, CNG, LNG and other conventional and alternative fuels. He has also developed and produced motor oils, lubricants, hydraulic and other power-transmission fluids, coolants and other functional fluids. Additionally, he has worked to develop the tools and equipment needed to apply chemicals, clean and maintain engine systems, emissions systems, hydraulic systems, power transmission systems, lubricating systems, fuel storage systems, cooling systems and others.

William works with the industry leaders in engines, emissions equipment, and truck OEMs, passenger and freight transportation companies and waste companies, as well as federal, state and local government agencies in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe and has provided products and support to a broad range of companies and markets in over 40 countries around the world.

He has worked for several organizations to develop, produce and market chemical products, and has founded and operated three successful chemical-related companies, as well as providing consulting services for many well-known companies.

Currently, Mr. Richards is the President of and partner in Energy Technology Group, LLC, Chemovation, LLC, and LCBA Marketing Group, LL